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Original Articals:

1.   Heuristic Approach for Reorganizing Mobility Sensor Client Data
2.   Modelling Simulation and Analysis of Standalone Wind Generator
3.   A Survey Paper on Biometric Pattern Recognition
4.   An Overview of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
5.   An Overview of Image enhancement techniques
6.   A Novel Review IDS on MANETs
7.   Knowledge Discovery in Spatial Databases
8.   Hindi Part of Speech Tagging and Translation
9.   A Comparative study between DC speed controller techniques
10.   A Comprehensives Survey Paper on Sensor Data Mining Based on Sensor Network
11.   Security Problems and Issues for Data Forwarding in Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
12.   Tumor Detection Algorithm Using Boundary Based Approach
13.   Efficient Query Processing for XML Data base
14.   A Novel Approach for Public key Infrastructure
15.   A Comprehensive Approach for Image to Text Description
16.   An Approach for Effective Resource Management in Cloud Computing
17.   A Determining Approach for Customer Behavior Analysis Using K-Mean Clustering
18.   Performance Analysis of Routing Protocol based on Center and Dense Mode of Routing Strategies
19.   An Efficient Gait Recognition Approach for Human Identification
20.   A Comprehensive Paper on Mobile robot Path Planning Using Wave front Approach
21.   Identifying User Task Using Associative Classification
22.   A Study: Characteristics of Soil of Tatibandh area of Raipur District
23.   Image Quality Costing of Compressed Image Using Full Reference Method
24.   Enzymatic Synthesis of ethyl Butyrate in supercritical carbon dioxide using Surface Coated Lipase from Candida rugosa.
25.   Enhancing and Performance Comparison of Various Truth Discovery Approaches
26.   A Fuzzy based Approach for Image Restoration
27.   A Neural Network Approach for Age Estimation Based on Facial Features
28.   Query Optimization Using Natural Language Processing
29.   Protease Enzyme- Potential Industrial Scope
30.   Secure Multi Cast Transmission
31.   A Practical Approach for Database and Recovery Management System (Oracle, Ms Access)
32.   A Bio-Cryptography Approach for Improving the Security of Image Encryption and Decryption
33.   Role of Open Source Software in e-Governance
34.   Path Planning of Scorbot-ER 4U Robot
35.   Six Sigma in Industries
36.   Experimental analysis of terminal velocity of irregular particles
37.   Characterization of Elementary Osmotic Pump developed for controlled delivery of inorganic therapeutic agent
38.   Influence of NDT in Improving Companies Productivity and Profitability
39.   Effects of Supplementary Cementing Materials on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete
40.   Defense in Depth for Data Storage in Cloud Computing
41.   Studies on the Allelopathic Influence of Fresh Shoot Aqueous Extract of Tithonia diversifolia (hemls) A. Gray on Euphorbia heterophylla L.
42.   Vibration Analysis of a V-Groove Edged Cracked Cantilever Beam
43.   Broadcast Based Reactive Routing Protocols in MANET: A Review
44.   Optimization of Milling Operation Parameter by Extended Taguchi Method
45.   Finite Element Analysis Mast Assembly of Material Handling Equipment
46.   Performance Analysis of Plastic Worm Gear in Centerless Grinding Machine
47.   Strategies for Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) at Coal Handling Plant in View of Safety Management
48.   Maximum Semi-fluidization Velocity of Gas-liquid-solid Semi-fluidized Beds
49.   Digital Image Security using Auto Key Generation with Segmentation
50.   Analysis and Improvement in Plant Layout for Effective Production in Manufacturing Industries
51.   Environmental impact assessment and Feasibility of a Coal Beneficiation Plant
52.   A Review on FEM Analysis of Mandibular Overdenture Implant
53.   Digital Image Line Extraction and Edge Smoothing and Quality Analysis
54.   An Ergonomic Assessment of Workers at Nuclear Power Plant (NPCIL)
55.   Numerical Solutions of Mildly Quasi-Linear Hyperbolic Equations and Generalizations
56.   Cosets of Extended BCH Codes of Various Weights
57.   Balanced Incomplete Block Design (Bibd) Using Hadamard Rhotrices
58.   Goldbach Conjectur and Composite Numbers
59.   Effect of Permeable Boundary in the Bénard-Marangoni Convection in a Relatively Hotter or Cooler Liquid Layer
60.   Visco-Elastic MHD Mixed Convection Flow in a Vertical Channel with Slip Flow Condition and Radiation Heat
61.   On Some Bounds for Cebysev Functional with Applications
62.   Triple- Diffusive Convection in Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid in Porous Medium in Hydromagnetics
63.   Thermal Instability of Ferromagnetic Fluid in the Presence of Hall Effect and Suspended Particle under Varying Gravity Field
64.   On the Effect of Non-Uniform Temperature Gradients on the Stability of Modified Thermal Convection Problem
65.   Upper Limits to the Complex Growth Rates in Triply Diffusive Convection in Porous Medium
66.   On the Effect of Non-Uniform Magnetic field on the Jeans Instability of a Viscoelastic Medium
67.   Yarn Strength Prediction using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm - Fuzzy Approach
68.   Onset of Triply-Diffusive Convection in a Fluid Layer with Suspended Particles and Temperature Dependent Viscosity
69.   Upper Bounds for the Complex Growth Rate of Thermohaline Convection of Veronis and Stern Types with Viscosity Variations
70.   Relation between Magnetic Fields and Kink Oscillations with Flows
71.   Heat and Mass Transfer in Radiating and Chemically Reacting MHD Oscillating Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid in Vertical Channel in Slip Flow Regime
72.   Fuzzy Mixture Inventory Model Involving Fuzzy Lead Time Demand and Fuzzy Total Demand
73.   Thermosolutal Convection in Compressible Couple-Stress Fluid with Fine Dust
74.   Vibration Analysis of Fibrous Composite Plates with Central Circular Hole
75.   Generalized Thermoelastic Waves in a Plate Sandwiched with Layers of Viscid Liquid
76.   Far-infrared transmitting Te-based chalcogenide glasses
77.   Solitary Wave Solution of Higher order Kadomstev-Petviashvili Equation for Complex Plasma
78.   Correlated Noises in Dynamical System with θ-Logistic Growth Process of Species
79.   ‘Effective Interfacial Tension’ Effect on the Instability of Streaming Rivlin-Ericksen Elastico-Viscous Fluids in Porous Medium
80.   On the Characterization of Nonoscillatory Motions in Triply Diffusiveconvection in Porous Medium
81.   Efficient Utilization of Processor’s Capacity in Heterogeneous Distributed System in Tasks Allocation Model
82.   λ-Statistical Convergence of a Sequence of Random Variables in Probability
83.   A Novel Low Space Image Storing and Reconstruction Method by K-Means Clustering Algorithm
84.   Logarithmic mean Newton’s method for simple and multiple roots of Nonlinear Equations
85.   A Characterization of Onset of Instability in Couple-Stress Fluid in the Presence of Magnetic Field
86.   A Semi-circle Theorem in Triply Diffusive Convection
87.   Hall Effect on Thermal Convection of a Nanofluid Layer Saturating a Porous Medium
88.   Effect of Rotation on Free Convective flow on vertically upwards heated plate with Gravity Modulation in Slip Flow Region
89.   Three dimensional flow and heat transfer through a porous medium with periodic permeability and variable suction velocity
90.   On heat and mass transfer in chemically reacting and radiating viscoelastic MHD flow through porous medium in vertical channel
91.   Effect of Surface Tension on the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of Superposed Viscous Fluids in Hydromagnetics Saturating Porous Medium
92.   Effect of Hall Currents on Thermosolutal Instability in Non-Newtonian Fluid in Non-Porous Medium
93.   An Application of Finite Field in Hill Cipher
94.   Modified Hill Cipher Using Vandermonde Matrix and Finite Field
95.   Accelerating Bianchi type- VIh Cosmological Model with variable EoS parameter
96.   Characterization of Magnetorotatory Thermohaline Instability in Porous Medium: Darcy Model
97.   Two Stage Time Minimizing Transportation Problem with Restricted Flow
98.   Hydromagnetic Electrically Conducting Flow Past a Continuously Moving Inclined Plate with Heat and Mass Transfer
99.   Free Convective Fluctuating Flow and Mass Transfer Through A Porous Medium Bounded By A Vertical Plate in the Presence of Hall Current and Variable Permeability
100.   Effect of wave number on the onset of instability in couple-stress fluid and its characterization in the presence of rotation
101.   Effects of different level of Cowdung and N P K fertilizer on the growth and yield of Watermelon (Citrillus lanatus L.) in Gombe State, Nigeria
102.   Design and Development of Optimized Solar Powered Water Pump for Farming and Irrigation
103.   Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Cu(II),Co(II), Ni(II) and Zn(II),Complexes with O-N donor ligand.
104.   Blue Brain – A New Subway to Artificial Intelligence and Human Machine: A Proposal
105.   Implementation of Rain Water Harvesting Through the Effectual Working of Proposed RS Model
106.   Enhanced Clustering for Forensic Analysis
107.   Effects of Different Level of Cow Dung and N P K Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Watermelon (Citrillus lanatus L.) in Gombe State, Nigeria.
108.   Gas Composition Studies on Wood Residues Gasification for Small Scale Power Applications in Villages
109.   Construction Safety of Infrastructural Facilities in Hilly Regions: Review of Building Codes
110.   Using series facts device for protection of transmission line on distance Protection relay and its Mitigation
111.   Mining of Text Data with the Application of Side Information-A Review
112.   Cycle Time Reduction in Plastic Industry
113.   Modelling of Input Resources in Manufacturing Industries for Productivity Improvement
114.   Upper Limits to the Complex growth Rate in Rotatory-Thermal Instability in a Couple-Stress Fluid in a Porous Medium
115.   Health Monitoring System
116.   Study the Strength of Latex Modified Concrete with Rubber Crumb by Experimental Investigation
117.   Remedial Measures for Continuous Slabs against Vibration: A Case Study
118.   Analysis of Mechanical Properties of M40 Concrete with Replacement of Fine Aggregates by Manufactured Sand- An Application Based Concrete Mix
119.   Construction Liabilities and Professional Engineers
120.   Hedonic Pricing Model With Respect to Gated Housing Attributes in Hyderabad
121.   A Study on the Impact of Inhibiting Factors on the Efficiency of Project Management in Construction Industry
122.   Comparative Study on Durability of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Mortars in Sulphuric Acid and Nitric Acid
123.   A Case Study on Production Enhancement of Precast H-Frames Using Conventional Formwork
124.   Structural Design of Data Centre Building
125.   DIN Permeability Test and Effect of Concentration of Alkali on the Water Penetrability of Geopolymer Mortar
126.   Selection of Construction Materials using Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) Approach
127.   A Thorough Asset to Safety in Construction Industry
128.   A review of system dynamic model for risk assessment in construction of megaprojects in India
129.   Subsurface Barriers for Hazardous Waste Containment
130.   Comparative Study of Earned Schedule Method With Earned Value Method
131.   Comparison of Environmental and Political Risks in Two Highway Projects
132.   Design Strategies of Light Pipe-an Innovation for Energy Sustainability
133.   Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete using Recycled Aggregate
134.   Comprehensive Study on Textile Dyeing Sludge as a Substitute for Cement in Cement-Mortar
135.   Factors Influencing Delay in Construction Projects
136.   A Study on Flexural Behaviour of Geopolymer Based Ferrocement
137.   Study on Reliability Based Seismic Resistance Design of Open Ground Storey for Framed Structure
138.   A Comparative Study of Strength Properties of Self Compacting Concrete over Conventional Concrete
139.   A Review of Labor Productivity Research in Construction
140.   A case study on Tunneling using NATM
141.   A Future Perspective of Structural Optimisation Methods in Civil Engineering Applications
142.   Study on the Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Locally Available Flaggy Limestone as an Aggregate Replacement
143.   Chennai Port:-An ISO 14001: 2004 Certified Port
144.   Delays in Construction Projects – A perspective on Cash flow and Working Capital Management
145.   Challenges in Adopting Smart City Concepts and their Sustainability in Indian Conditions
146.   Expectations from Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015 in Government Infrastructure Contracts
147.   An Analysis of Project Investment in Construction Sector of India
148.   Structural Health Monitoring of Piezolaminated Smart Structures Using Electrical Impedance Method
149.   Economic Analysis of Hyderabad Metro Rail Project
150.   Classifying and Collating Enterprise Knowledge and Data Management
151.   Technical Analysis of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project
152.   Impact of the Training on the Development of Construction Trade Worker in Indian Construction Industry
153.   Impact of Provision of Portable Sanitary Facilities on Labour Productivity at Construction Sites during Different Phases of Construction
154.   A case study on Life Cycle Cost Analysis of a green building
155.   Reduction of Wastage of Rebar by using BIM and Linear Programming
156.   Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) - Opportunities Unexplored: Suitable Financial Modalities for PPP Implementation
157.   Analysis of Working Capital Requirements for Typical Construction Projects
158.   Mechanical Properties of Pervious Concrete
159.   Experimental Investigation on Ceracerte
160.   Study and Assessment of Rural Roads Network in Agriculture Productivity
161.   Impact of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and Recent Amendments on Construction Industry
162.   Energy-efficient strategies for wireless sensor networks
163.   Experimental Investigation on Performance Analysis of C.I. Engine using Diesel with Biogas
164.   Path Recognizer for Blind Person
165.   Implementation of Face Annotation with refined label content
166.   Tracking And Positioning Of Mobile Systems In Telecommunication Networks
167.   Comparison of different sorting algorithms in Data Structure based upon the Time Complexity
168.   Herbicides and Earthworm population
169.   An Experimental Study on Performance Analysis of Cross-Flow Water Turbine
170.   Data Security by Hide and Retrieval Method Using Rotation Cipher
171.   On Rotatory Hydrodynamic Triply Diffusive Convection in Porous Medium
172.   Linear Stability Analysis of Multicomponent convection
173.   Triple- diffusive Convection in a Micropolar Rotating Ferrofluid
174.   Math in Chemistry and Economics
175.   Fiber Optics Communication
176.   A public key cryptosystem using normal bases over finite fields
177.   Perturbed Robe’s Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies when the primaries form a Roche Ellipsoid - Triaxial System
178.   Dufour-Soret Driven Double-Diffusive Convection in Nonreactive Binary Fluids with Temperature Dependent Viscosity
179.   Role of Mathematics in Economic Theory and Modeling
180.   Heat and Mass Transfer in Three Dimensional Free Convective Oscillatory Flow in Porous Medium with Constant Heat and Mass Flux in Presence Radiation for an optically Thin Fluid.
181.   Inverse of Matrices and Solution of Linear Equations
182.   Combined effects of Finite Straight Segment and Oblateness on the Libration Points in the Restricted-Three Body Problem
183.   Thermal Instability of a Viscoelastic Walters’(model B') Fluid in Hydromagnetics in the Presence of Suspended Particles
184.   Quantum Effects on the Magnetogravitational Instability of Viscoelastic fluid through a Porous Medium
185.   Data Security Using Triple Encryption
186.   MHD effects for a rotating nanofluid layer for LTNE model
187.   Injection/ suction effect on MHD convective flow through porous medium filled in a vertical porous channel with heat radiation and chemical reaction
188.   On the onset of stationary convection in double-diffusive binary viscoelastic fluid saturated anisotropic porous layer
189.   Partial Actions on Graphs
190.   MHD stability of a nanofluid layer using Darcy model: Introduction of oscillatory motions for bottom heavy configuration
191.   Effect of Hall currents on the stability of Ferromagnetic Fluid heated from below in the presence of a magnetic field saturating porous media
192.   Triple-diffusive convection in a layer of viscoelastic nanofluid
193.   Double-diffusive convection in compressible, rotating, couple-stress fluid
194.   Rayleigh Waves in Isotropic Medium Loaded with Inviscid Fluid of Varying Temperature
195.   Magneto-Thermosolutal Instability in Viscoelastic Nanofluid Layer
196.   Magneto-Thermosolutal Convection in Couple-Stress Fluid in a Porous Medium
197.   Feasibility of organic farming of fruits in Himachal Pradesh
198.   A Characterization Theorem in Magnetohydrodynamic Triply Diffusive Convection with Viscosity Variations
199.   Nanotechnology and Its applications in energy sector
200.   Radiating and Dissipative Flow with Induced Magnetic Field over a Porous Vertical Plate
201.   An Energy Relationship in Multicomponent Convection Problem
202.   Role of Mathematics in Physical Science
203.   Hydromagnetic flow of Dusty Viscoelastic (Walter’s liquid model-B) fluid past a plate with chemical reaction and Soret effect
204.   Quantitative Risk Assessment of Groundwater pH during Seismic Exploration in Sagbama, Niger Delta, Nigeria
205.   Implementation of RFID in Indian Scenario: A Case Study
206.   Importance of Nano-Technology in Different discipline
207.   Recent Advancementsin Smart Phone Charging
208.   Smart Cities Mission in India
209.   Performance Analysis of An Energy Flow Solar Assisted Desiccant Cooling FittedwithHoneycomb Adsorption
210.   Quadrature Null Effect in Amplitude Modulation
211.   Automated Scrolling Using Speech Recognition
212.   Intrusion Detection System based on Artificial Intelligence
213.   Intelligent Personal Assistant with Knowledge Navigation
214.   Study and experiment analysis of the feasibility of partial replacement of Industrial Waste Glass Powder as Cement in Self Compacting Concrete
215.   Energy Efficiency Home Design
216.   Partial Replacement of Cement with Marble Powder in Concrete
217.   Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Mono, Di and Tri Substituted Aromatic Amines and Napthyl Amine Cyclic Imides Derivatives.
218.   Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of substituted Benzimidazole hydrazine Carboxamide derivatives for Antiinflammatory activity.
219.   Experimental Investigations on Hydrodynamics of Fluidization of Gas Solid Fluidized Beds
220.   Pause Time Analysis of MANET Routing Protocol AODV, DSDV and OLSR in NS3
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